Tuesday, May 12

favorite color swap

so i signed up to do this swap the other day & i'm really excited about it! you can read about it (and sign up yourself!) here if you're interested. but basically, you get partnered up with another blogger, given their favorite color & then send them a package with stuff you think they may like associated with that color. and vice versa for you.

i think it will be a fun experience. i get to stalk a new blogger.. i love stalking people. plus i love getting mail, soooo. 

get all the deets over at chaotic goddess swaps! hurry though because signups close on the 18th.

 photo EmilySignature_zps0043f664.png


  1. Fun! I'll definitely check this out!

  2. How fun!! I love stalking people too ;) do it all the time on instagram. My sisters think I'm crazy!!

  3. I think this sounds so super cool and of course I signed up haha