Thursday, October 2

Happy October.

I feel privileged to step into the 1st day of October before you guys. A whole 15 hours..
but then I get mad thinking I'll be out of it first, too. My dilemma's are real.

We celebrated the first day of my birthday month (hint, hint) and went to Shinsaibashi.
It's a city, or an area, or something.. I'm not really sure. There were lots of people,
food, shopping, & shockingly American Tourists! It sounded weird recognizing words people
were saying behind me. AND they had Halloween decor up! Whaaat?! Felt like home :)

Oh! Tyler & I scored some vintage football sweaters from some underground store.
Actually it wasn't a score. We could've gotten them wayyyy cheaper in America but whatever.

 Half lost...


 Obviously we ate these like fat kids.

 Heard of the black burger from BK only in Japan? Yea.. they were sharing it. (gag!)
And yes, we ate at Burger King, okay? I miss greasy, unhealthy fast food.

 We love pumpkins and donuts.


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  1. That pumpkin is huge, funny they celebrate it too. I didn't realize it was international. Black burger, ralph! The snap is adorable!

  2. Black Burger!?!? Eeek, burger King fine but, black burger, that sounds scary and I hear yeah about the fast greasy food I miss it too but, I will eat a chicken or fish burger red meat just takes forever to digest I proved that with my bf when he couldn't understand how I could still have so much energy after eating fish and chips and he just had a huge beef burger smothered in mushrooms and cheese. lol

    You guys look like you had an awesome time, and sweet find on the football jersey's but, think about it if you traveled to the states to get the shirts the cost of fuel would have made up for the cost difference so all in all you probably paid the same price maybe.

    Hope you're having an awesome Thursday great blog too, pleased to meet yeah!

    1. Oh yea, the black burger looked SO SICK. Seriously so gross ha. I do miss my chicken salads! Their salads aren't the same here in Japan as they are in America. Well, everything is different here ha.

      We did have such an awesome time, thank you! And you're probably right, the price prob would have been the same considering all the factors.. thanks for justifying our purchase and making me feel better ha.

      Have an amazing weekend! xo

  3. That's so weird. We were laughing about the black burger yesterday after seeing it on some site and here it is! It's probably just charcoal bread (I think that's what it's called) and it was really popular back home for a while because it's supposedly healthy?? But still, eeyuck, never bothered joining in on the hype.

    Dreydan is getting so big! His outfits are always so hip ;)

    Have you been to Uniqlo or Daiso? So obsessed with those two stores. We couldn't get enough of them before leaving for California and now the closest ones are hours away :P

    1. Oh gross who know's if it's healthy or not. I heard to make it black they used squid ink...? I don't know. Either way, I don't want anything to do with it!

      Dreydan IS getting so big, huh! Ugh makes me so sad :-((( I look back at old pictures and he was so small and chubby and miss it.

      I haven't been to Uniqlo or Daiso BUT I have heard of them and I can't wait to go! There is a Daiso not far from us, but I just haven't had the chance to go yet. Soon though! I was told it was a great place to get our Christmas presents to take back to America. True??

    2. Looks like one long vacay! Miss you guys!!

  4. Oh and I already bought you your birthday. Ha!!

  5. Add me on snapchat! I wanna see all the cool places you go to daily!


  6. You guys are hysterical. And "like fat kids" made me lewl.