Tuesday, August 19

Heyyy did you miss me?!

Ok, seriously.. I know you're all worried about me. I've been MIA for like freakin' ever. 
I've been busy, busy, busy! And when I'm not busy I'm too tired to care about anything.
Especially my poor blog. I love my blog but sometimes it's so needy! Back up off me!

So I wanted to give you a sneaky peeky of blog posts coming up..

We've got Lake Powell, a very special cousin day, Drey's birthday party, Drey's birthday, 
aquarium, farmer's market, a farm, ferris wheel rides... Too much!

AND guess what?!

Today is the day I'm leaving for Japan. Gah! It's true. I stuffed my face with Cafe Rio last night
so I'm good to go. Stayed tuned for everything! I won't leave you hangin'...  I promise.

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  1. Cowboys and Indians!! Too cute. Hope you have a great flight and sleep for most of it. Good luck over there!

  2. You make a Beautiful Pocahontas and Drey he is just plain cute!

    1. Thank you so much! It was a fun night, stay tuned for the post!

  3. Girlfriend! Look at you. Someone has been having a blast lately. I can't wait to read about everything that has been going on and especially your ventures in Japan. Talk to you soon beautiful!

    1. Oh yes, we've been having lots of busy fun! Thanks so much :-)))