Friday, May 23

Life last Friday.

One of my best friends is getting married next month. 
She's weird. Weird in the sense she didn't want a "bachelorette party".
She wanted to just go out with us and nothing else. No sash, no tacky tiara, no lap dance during dinner from
a totally wasted guy in a raccoon hat with his wife egging it on in the corner... {no comment}.

So we took her to downtown SLC.
It was a chill night in a very loud piano bar. Us 4 together. Perfect.

I found a wall painted with books, gasp!
I snapchatted pictures of the bathroom stall while peeing to, like, everyone.
Outfit pic to hubby, THIS is what I'm wearing, no clubbing hurr!
My girls. bride-to-be first step, little Kimbee.
Shameless bathroom pic in the bar with my indian princess..
..and then I spooned her all night.

 photo EmilySignature_zps0043f664.png


  1. I wish I could get spooned by you. Some bitches have all the luck.

  2. That book wall is awesome!! Low key is good! Next time though there needs to be a raccoon guy!!

  3. you can paint that book wall on the shop if you want .

    1. Psh... have you seen my painting skills?

    2. If they are as good as your photography skill we have it made!

  4. I really like your outfit - and that's about the same kind of bachelorette party that I'd be interested in having haha. Noooo strippers for this girl!

  5. Love it!! Add me on Snapchat - masonsmama525