Tuesday, April 8

Mountain Hike + Mine Shaft

That view, right?
I love going home whenever I get the chance. 
It's where I grew up & it's my favorite place to be.
My mom wasn't feeling well this day, Tyler needed to get back to work, Drey & I had nothing to do and it
was a gorgeous day. So my step-dad took us to a place I'd never been! A place he explored when he was little.
Huge ass hike up a steep mountain & we finally reached the destination at the entrance of a mine shaft.
We went as far back as it was dug out and I was scurred you guys!
And then there is Dreydan, "let's keep going through!" Um there is a wall dude. That's the end of it.

Oh and yes... those pieces of wood are there to hold up the ceiling. Eeek!
What the fk were we thinking.

 photo EmilySignature_zps0043f664.png


  1. i love hikes! i esp love seeing hikes that other people take in places i wish i could hike.

  2. Yeah! The mine shaft post! Thanks for not keeping us Instagram followers in suspense.

  3. You're wayyyyy braver than I am, girl!!!!!!!! Just looking at it freaks me out! HAHAHA

  4. That view is amazing!! Bullets is not a good thing to find on a hike. Eek.

  5. just so you know, you have to go back cause im bummed i missed it!

  6. What amazing photos! Looks like a great time!