Friday, March 22

Friday Faves {fun facts}

Imma give y'all some Friday lovin' with a few fun facts about MOI!

1. I had surgery to pin my ears back.
Being on the dance team, dancing front row in front of all my peers, I was SO self-conscious of my ears.
And let me tell you, those babies were baaad. In elementary my friends would tell me I looked like a car
driving down the road with it's doors open... I know, they're such bitches!
So my mom surprised me one Christmas in HS to have them done. Now I'm beautiful!

2. I have insomnia.
I haven't had a Doc actually tell me that, but I think my own diagnosis is pretty legit.
Can't sleep at night {bedtime around 3-4am}, wake up early, never nap...
It's so annoying.
Ya heard?

3. I love piano music.
I think it's because my grandma was such a beautiful piano player, I've fallen in love with the sound.
She tried teaching me how to play when I was little and I remember telling her word for word,
"grandma i don't like this. will you be sad if i stop learning how to play?"
I've regretted it a few times but such is life!
{maybe my mom can teach me... JK! sorry mom, i suck}

4. I wanted to be an AF combat medic.
After I graduated HS I joined the ROTC @ BYU.
Long story short... during a physical they found a problem with my urine.
Longer story short, I have a kidney disease that won't allow me to be apart of the military.
However, if I had been able to pursue my dreams, I would never of met My Ty.
Well played God, well played.

5. I grind my teeth.
It's actually a big problem for me. Been doing for as long as I can remember &
I even have a specially molded mouth guard to help protect my teeth.
I hate it so much because when I wake up in the morning I feel like I just chewed through a fkn
jaw breaker. Not to mention the bruises on my face from my hubby slapping me to get me to
stop... Okay so I've never had bruises. But I have woken up to him all up in my bidness saying
"EM! Stoppppp it!! Shit, like I can help it...

Your turn! I'd like to know 5 things about YOU!
{if you're new, make sure you leave your url so i can stop by!}


 Oh and before I forget...

  ...this is my only Friday Fave.
Who wants to buy it for me????
||Ily Couture||  

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  1. I love your blog Em!! I remember when you had your ears done- I thought that was a little strange. But you were gorgeous then and still are now!! I also grind my teeth- it is annoying when you get yelled at for it!!

    1. Thanks Reina!! It was kinda strange, but KNOW they were bad. Stop being so nice haha.

  2. I have that stupid mouth guard too! I hate it but it's the only thing that helps lol. It's super sexy too....following you:)

    1. It's true tho. If we don't want our teeth all jacked up, we gotta wear it!

      Thanks for the follow girl!

  3. Oh my gosh I love your blog...your hilarious! I have insomnia too {the reason its 1:45 in the morning and I am blog surfing lol} I diagnosed myself through WEBMD lmao and it seems pretty legit :) I am your newest follower from the Friend Connect blog hop.

    Justina @

    1. Oh yea I'm right there with you girl!
      Thanks for the lovin'!!